2025 High School Tryouts/Open Gym Registration

2024-2025 Club Evaluation/Tryout Information

We are highly anticipating the 2024-2025 Top Caliber Volleyball Club season!  Below you will find all of the information that you need regarding open gyms, parent informational meetings, and evaulation periods.  We are excited to do things a little different this season, and know that it is the best decision for all parties involved!  See you in the gym!

2025 Top Caliber Volleyball Tryout Update; PLEASE READ 

2025 High School Tryout Schedules- Find all information here regarding open gyms, parent info meetings, and evaluation schedules.

USAV Age Chart- Please see the 2024-2025 Age Chart to make sure that you are registering your athlete for the correct age group.  If an athlete falls into a lower age group due to their birthday, they are free to register with their age, or their grade level at the discretion of the parent.  We will then evaluate athletes at the level that we feel is right for them as well as the club. 

Younger athletes (14U) that decide to be evaluated in the 15U age group may do so, and as stated in the Tryout Update, the club will evaluate these athletes at their discretion for the best fit or ask them to come back to the Middle School Tryouts.


Early Bird: May 31st-June 30th $40

July 1st-July 28th $47

July 29th-August 2nd $55

Day of at facility: $65

Athletes will receive shirts to wear at Evals with numbers on the back.  Please make sure that you note the correct size when registering.  We highly encourage athletes to register online so that we can get correct shirt sizes ordered, as well as how many athletes to expect.

Once registration is received, please note that a Pre-Season Parent Questionare will be sent to the email on file to complete.

Club Program Guides

After our parent information session on July 28th, Program Guides, Payment Schedules, and Final Coaching Slates will be uploaded online prior to tryouts.

Open Gyms

Make sure that athletes pre-register for Open Gyms online so that all waivers are signed!

Work/Play Program- New in 2025!

We recognize that finances play a big role in the club-making decision process.  

To help families handle the financial responsibilities associated with club volleyball, Top Caliber offers a payment plan enabling fees to be paid in monthly installments throughout the club season. If the current payment plan poses financial difficulties for families, Top Caliber is is open to discussing alternative options with them:

1. Scholarships: Top Caliber has a scholarship program that is set aside from our club fundraisers to help provide financial assistance to those in need.  This requires an application and needs-based review process that requires family income information and requires approval from the club director/board.  Scholarship athletes also need to meet requirements set aside by the application process.  Please note in registration, on the Pre-Season Tryout Form in the reciept, that you would like to apply for the scholarship program and we will send communcation through email with the application process.

***Please note that a submission of application does not guarantee a scholarship will be granted. High School athletes: Please turn in Scholarship Applications by August 1st to be reviewed by our Board of Directors.

2. Work/Play Program: This program is available to high school athletes and allows them to do the following to help offset the cost of their season:

-Help our middle school teams as a junior assistant coach

-Help in Fall/Spring Academy/Tiny TC/YDP (Youth Decvelopment Program)

-Help in Middle School Open Gyms/Tryouts

-Participate in any other clinics/sessions offered by Top Caliber throughout the season.

Athletes will recieve an hourly rate for each session that they work and that is applied to their account each month. Please note that you are interested in this for your athlete when registering!