Spring Academy

Youth Academy is a comprehensive 8-session program offered in the Spring that is crafted to cultivate the skills of student-athletes. The program emphasizes the instruction of fundamental skills, aiming to provide high-quality coaching for young athletes aged 9 to 14. The primary objective is to empower these individuals to establish a foundation that yields benefits that will be useful in growing the athletes in the game of volleyball.

Youth Academy not only focuses on skill development but also guides students in understanding how to play in a game-like setting. This serves as a pathway for players to transition towards joining a club team in the fall or a middle/high school team. The program takes the newly acquired skills each week and applies them in a game-like setting, fostering a dynamic learning environment within smaller groups, typically 4 x 4. Each session is scheduled for a duration of 1.5 hours. The first half will be skill development and the last half game play.

Evaluations will occur on April 22nd and April 25th.  Athletes only need to attend ONE of the sessions.  Please note in the registration which date your athlete will likely attend. We will reach out once registration closes to confirm evaluation for your athlete.  Coaches will evaluate the skill that the athlete has as of that date, and place them in a pod that we feel is best for the growth of the athlete.  We can take requests for athletes/friends to stay together, however please keep in mind, that this may not be in the best interest of the athlete.

Spring 2024

Cost: $150, T-Shirt included

Evaluations: 4/22 6:30-7:30 @ Ayden-Grifton High School
Evaluations: 4/25 6:30-7:30 @ Ayden-Grifton High School 

Sessions: 4/29, 5/2, 5/6, 5/9, 5/13, 5/16, 5/20, 5/23

Time: 6-7:30, 7:30-9 

We will let you know your time once evaluations are finalized!

*All sessions are at Ayden-Grifton High School



NEW General Program Policy:
- Program size is limited and is first-come, first served.
-We may cancel any program that does not reach minimum requirements.  
-Group/age/skill levels are established for programs. Group placement/movement are decided by our staff.
-Online registration/payment are required for all programs. 
-Full refund if the program is canceled by us. Otherwise, account credits will be issued and may be used for other registrations. No refund/credit will be issued after the program begins.